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Distributed domestic sewage treatment equipment solution
Brief introduction of case
It can be used according to local conditions

Combined with the needs of their own projects and a wide range of application scenarios for decentralized wastewater treatment,Resources and Environmental Protection put forward an integrated equipment comprehensive solution that is generally applicable to domestic sewage treatment,A variety of process options are covered,Start with the design front end,Joint resources intelligent professional production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning team,Jointly launched a series of distributed sewage treatment integrated equipment products under the resource brand。
Case details

FOR-TANK Resource tank

Lightweight high strain - recommended agricultural pollution drainage requirements are not high, wide area

Multistage biological treatment technology, stable operation, less mud;The number of tanks can be flexibly increased or decreased, which is suitable for the needs of inconvenient transportation, short construction period and distributed stations;

Effluent standard: Agricultural pollution standard (DB44/2208-2019)

Material: Buried PE/ FRP, above-ground stainless steel

Single size: 1m³/d, 5m³/d, 30m³/d, 40m³/d, 50m³/d

FOR-MBR membrane bioreactor

Small body high standard - recommended for areas with relatively concentrated population and high drainage requirements

Using the combination of microbial enhancement technology and membrane bioreactor, the effluent water quality is good and stable, the system has strong impact resistance, high degree of automation, and high discharge standard;The equipment covers a small area and is suitable for sites with limited land area and high water quality standards。For small township sewage treatment plants, compared with civil construction, it is recommended to use this kind of integrated equipment。

Effluent standard: better than (GB18918-2002) Grade A standard

Product material: ground type stainless steel, carbon steel two options

Unit size: 20-500m³/d

FOR-TOWN multi-stage shallow biological filter

Township station High performance - recommended for areas with high drainage standards, MBR alternatives

The biological aerated filter is used as the main process, which has strong impact load resistance, stable outlet water, low operation and maintenance cost, and no need to replace the filler and support for a lifetime.The process layout is novel, which is suitable for medium-sized scale and upgrading of old stations。

Effluent standard: (GB18918-2002) A/B standard

Material: ground carbon steel

Single size: 40-120m³/d

FOR-VILLAGE multistage bioreactor

Village station 0 sludge - recommended drainage requirements are not high, a wide area

Using multi-stage biological treatment technology, the operation is stable, only a small amount of biofilm falls off, and almost no sludge is produced.Compact, suitable for small site needs。

Effluent standard: (GB18918-2002) Class B standard

Material: ground carbon steel

Unit size: 10-20m³/d

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