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Comprehensive treatment of sewage in villages and townsRural sewage treatment
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Heshan City a new round of domestic sewage treatment facilities packaging PPP project
Brief introduction of case
Heshan City, the first garden type buried sewage treatment plant

The fourth batch of PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance and the first rural sewage treatment facility project built in the PPP mode in Jiangmen City。
Case details

Heshan City a new round of domestic sewage treatment facilities packaging PPP project by Beijing water, resources and environmental protection joint construction。The project construction includes the construction and operation services of Shuanghe Town sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network and 155 economic cooperative sewage treatment facilities in 10 towns (streets) of the city, including 96 new rural sewage treatment stations, with a total treatment scale of 3040 cubic meters/day, and about 30,582 meters of new pipe network。




       || Project highlights ||

       1. Heshan City's first garden-style buried sewage treatment plant

       Into the Shuanghe sewage treatment plant, the ground is flat and open, the green grass is green, you can't see the sewage treatment tank, and you can't smell a smell。Shuanghe sewage treatment plant is the first buried sewage treatment plant in Heshan City. The engineering construction adopts the design of all-buried sewage treatment pond, and multiple access ports are installed on the ground of the treatment pond, which is convenient for staff to check and maintain。Ground garden landscape greening enhances the level of urban ecological appearance。


       High standard

       Shuanghe sewage treatment plant covers an area of about 6 mu, the daily sewage treatment capacity of 600 tons, serving a population of 7,000 people。The "AAO+ filtration" process is adopted for sewage treatment,The final discharge index of the treated sewage meets the stricter value in the first standard of Grade A of the Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002) and the first standard of the second period of the Guangdong Provincial local standard Water Pollutant Discharge Limit Value (DB44/26-2001)。


       High coverage

       The sewage treatment plant in Shuanghe Town mainly accepts the domestic sewage discharged by residents in Shuanghewei Town and the sewage discharged by public buildings, and the length of the main pipe is 1.8 kilometers, scientific and reasonable set the total length of the pipe network, to ensure that the branch network into the household, greatly improve the coverage of sewage treatment station and sewage collection rate。


       2, 96 new rural sewage treatment stations

       Project implementation of sewage treatment facilities involved the construction and operation of 155 economic cooperatives domestic sewage treatment facilities in 10 towns (streets), including 96 new rural sewage treatment stations, with a total treatment scale of 3040 cubic meters/day。


       Scientific site selection

       In the early stage of the project construction, according to the project service population, terrain, government planning, pipe network length and other conditions of scientific demonstration, scientific development of sewage treatment project implementation plan, reasonable setting of each sewage treatment station scale and site selection。


       Constructed wetland

       The site adopts constructed wetland treatment technology, which has low investment cost, low operating cost, simple maintenance and management, and good effluent quality。Plants planted in constructed wetlands absorb ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and other components in sewage, grow rapidly and beautify the environment。


       Effluent standard

       The sewage treatment station adopts the "anaerobic + aerobic + constructed wetland" treatment process, and the effluent water quality meets the "Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plant" (GB18918-2002) Class B discharge standard。The discharged water can be used for irrigation, aquaculture, flushing roads and other purposes。


       3, operation and maintenance management into the Internet + model

       The third phase of the project will vigorously promote the concept of intelligent operation, and use big data, Internet of things, Internet, intelligence, digitalization, cloud computing and other technologies to achieve system monitoring and linkage, form a big data platform, enhance regional information management and sharing, and facilitate unified management。

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